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Healthcare That Works

For a company, employees are its greatest asset. Organizations are looking for new, innovative ways to reduce benefits costs. Our innovative telehealth solution provides reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, fosters employee retention all the while achieving proven ROIs. Integrating telehealth with your current benefit offering can increase access to medical care at a fraction of the cost of traditional medical visits and integrates seamlessly with any benefits package. Now your employees can quickly connect with a board-certified physician from anywhere at any time providing a convenient, cost-effective alternative to urgent care and emergency rooms. HelpMD is focused on improving access to care, lowering costs and increasing employee satisfaction.

Business Solutions


Lower Health Plan Costs

Reduce unnecessary PCP, urgent care and ER visits for non-critical illnesses.

Increase Productivity

Reduce absenteeism by providing quick and easy access to board-certified physicians.

Member Health Portal

Employees can manage their health records, add dependents and review their visits.

Employee Satisfaction

Makes life easier by saving employees money and time away from work.

Prescription Savings

Discounts at the register on brand-name and generic prescriptions.

Member Engagement Tools

Customizable marketing campaigns to create awareness and drive utilization.

Flexible & Quick Implementation

HelpMD can be implemented anytime of the year. There are no waiting periods or exclusions. This solution can be deployed for your organization within 10 days (or less). It's as easy as one short contract, along with an employee census file and you are ready to go. It's that simple!


When a company becomes self-insured, it becomes responsible for paying its Employees' healthcare claims costs out of pocket rather than paying an insurance premium to a carrier. If employees generate fewer claims than the healthcare expenses the company would have paid, the company saves. HelpMD is a way for a company to provide medical care to employees at a much reduced cost. Rather than visiting a physician, urgent care or the ER for a minor ailment, employees can contact a physician over the phone for diagnosis and treatment, greatly reducing costs and keeping budgets intact.

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